Wednesday, November 23, 2011




My first clothes launching attending happened today ! 19th November 2011 is the date of THE VERY BEST!OF VERSACE FOR H& was showering rain when i woke up at 6am. Super lazy, but i need to fulfill my dream to attend clothing launching when i'm studying ,in Japan. got out from my kaikan at 7 exact, arrived at bus stop 7.20, bus left at 7.30. Perfect ! Unfortunately, i left my keitai (mobile phone), AAAAAAAAAA, silly me !! on this important,day !! i rushed back to my room, super speed run and finally rode the 7.55 bus. Hah, i really don't have anymore expectation since I knew Japanese are super diligent when it comes to queuing. At least I can feel the atmosphere that's what I thought.

Japan launching for the,collection only happened in 3 stores, Shinjuku, Ginza and the place that i went, Shibuya. Important tips for readers :  if you want to attend this kind of launching, make sure you know,the exact place. It would be a waste of time and full of disappointment if you don't.

When i arrived, the rain stopped, YEIIIIYY ^^. i was a bit confused with the line, but lucky there was other people who came at the same time like me so i just followed them. there were,2 policemen guarding the hopeful buyer and they were really strict in organizing the queue.tats the great thing about japan. Some of the buyers really dressed up well,it really shows their commitment to fahion, SUPER ! ^^

When it was nearly 9am, there were 4-5 staff of H& coming out from the shop with their neon green-turquoise leopard inner and tuxedo with a matching bag. WHERE CAN I GET THAT ?!!! in clothing launch event, to prevent resellers, the shop makes a bracelet rules for the buyers. Each buyers will get bracelet with different colors which indicate the time they can shop. H&M also use this policy. My turn was 10.45-10.55. WAIT ! ISN'T THAT ONLY 10 MINUTES ???!! I was shocked that time. Really can't imagine how people will grab things so fast and in just few seconds. WAOOOOOOOOOWW !

 (* the bracelet ^^)

The moment of truth finally came ! It was 10 o'clock, the shop was open in one side door and WOOOOOOSSHH, people directly went to the 4th floor. I was like "what happen?" with a super confused look >.< Turned out that while we were waiting our turn to get in to the women collection area we could shop in the men section. OH MY ! I was quite calm that time and when I arrived at the 4th floor people were struggling and pushing each other to get items that they wanted. Like a lightning I ran over to the T-shirt part because I saw a similar item that the men staff wore !! Grab it, YEAHHH !! I also found a very nice マフラ (shawl) for my dad ^^ The items really sold out super fast.

The last battle's coming !! ^^ Thought it would be as super scary as the men part, but the women section was more organized since we got number of queue on our bracelet. The fun part was one of the staffs carried a big clock to inform the shoppers when the time was up. It was very amusing -- only in Japan I guess ;)
My target in this part was little bag with many charms on it. The size really was tiny, but guess the price ! For me, it was worthed, so I BOUGHT IT ! I also bought a gold ring, it was super glamorous and at reasonable price ^^ I really spent my Christmas money for these collection =.=, but again, it's okay ^^ MONEY COULDN'T BUY THE EXCITEMENT THAT I GO TODAY ^^

*collections & atmosphere ^^

l.u.c.k.y d.a.y @銀座 (⌒‐⌒) Japan official Haircut ^^

2011/11/ 03


 It's my second time that I wanted to try Japanese Salon :)
The first one was when I had a family trip, 4 years ago <wooww, never thought it had been this long> and I tried to cut my hair in Tycann in Harajuku. It was great, but now I think of it that style was a bit old and didn't suit me >.<.
 So, I decided to search some info for this 2nd trial through my Sony Acro ^^ <my dream phone since I got here, yeiiy > TADAAAA..found one ! Thanks to that I got very useful info about many salons and even had review about them !
 My decision went LA-BO, a salon in Ginza where there is English speaker stylist and got many good reviews. In my opinion, the price is also very cheap among other Japanese salons :) On 4th of November I'm going to have karaoke contest at my school, that's why better make a hair make over here, hahaha.
 Turns out, the salon is very easy to find! Take the A2 Metro exit and just on your left, there lies a building with huge "RICOH" writing and LA-BO is on the 3rd floor :) Take the elevator then when the door open you will instantly get into the salon.
 At first, I really was afraid because I wasn't confident with my Japanese among these stylist people in the salon. I just instantly use English when I got in to the tiny reception desk and SURPRISE ! The one that I spoke to is the English speaker stylist that I'm looking for, Maiko-San :) LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY ^^ She asked me to come again in 1 hour because I haven't made any appointment. But its okay, SUPER EXCITED ! :)
 Since I've arrived at Ginza, I directly chose my family most favorite spot, Starbucks Coffee behind Matsuzakaya, one of the famous department stores in Japan -- also full of branded items ;) Fave drink : Ice caramel machiato with salty pastry !! yummy :) Time flew really fast and I really couldn't hide my smiling face on my way back to La.Bo :)
  My menu in the saloon was straight perm and cut. FYI, this saloon offered a super cheap price, especially for student like me :p The cut without shampoo is 1,945 JP. The shampoo cost you 500 JP. SUPER REASONABLE !! However, I spent 12,600 JP because of my straightening perm. The result, WAOWWW, you can see it in my pictures and compare them :)
 Besides having a gorgeous hair now, I also made new friend who is the hair stylist, Maiko-San :) Surely I'll go back to La.Bo again, to cut my signature fringe ^^ and do more treatment. Maiko is also very fun to chat with. I really didn't get bored there and I really am amazed with Maiko's humble personality :) Two thumbs up for you Maiko-San :)

love : Ice Caramel Machiato ^^
                        & Sausage Pastry ^^

おもしろい Tokyo FM car, hahaha
*the 4 pictures on the bottom are BEFORE HAIR CUT :p