Wednesday, November 23, 2011

l.u.c.k.y d.a.y @銀座 (⌒‐⌒) Japan official Haircut ^^

2011/11/ 03


 It's my second time that I wanted to try Japanese Salon :)
The first one was when I had a family trip, 4 years ago <wooww, never thought it had been this long> and I tried to cut my hair in Tycann in Harajuku. It was great, but now I think of it that style was a bit old and didn't suit me >.<.
 So, I decided to search some info for this 2nd trial through my Sony Acro ^^ <my dream phone since I got here, yeiiy > TADAAAA..found one ! Thanks to that I got very useful info about many salons and even had review about them !
 My decision went LA-BO, a salon in Ginza where there is English speaker stylist and got many good reviews. In my opinion, the price is also very cheap among other Japanese salons :) On 4th of November I'm going to have karaoke contest at my school, that's why better make a hair make over here, hahaha.
 Turns out, the salon is very easy to find! Take the A2 Metro exit and just on your left, there lies a building with huge "RICOH" writing and LA-BO is on the 3rd floor :) Take the elevator then when the door open you will instantly get into the salon.
 At first, I really was afraid because I wasn't confident with my Japanese among these stylist people in the salon. I just instantly use English when I got in to the tiny reception desk and SURPRISE ! The one that I spoke to is the English speaker stylist that I'm looking for, Maiko-San :) LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY ^^ She asked me to come again in 1 hour because I haven't made any appointment. But its okay, SUPER EXCITED ! :)
 Since I've arrived at Ginza, I directly chose my family most favorite spot, Starbucks Coffee behind Matsuzakaya, one of the famous department stores in Japan -- also full of branded items ;) Fave drink : Ice caramel machiato with salty pastry !! yummy :) Time flew really fast and I really couldn't hide my smiling face on my way back to La.Bo :)
  My menu in the saloon was straight perm and cut. FYI, this saloon offered a super cheap price, especially for student like me :p The cut without shampoo is 1,945 JP. The shampoo cost you 500 JP. SUPER REASONABLE !! However, I spent 12,600 JP because of my straightening perm. The result, WAOWWW, you can see it in my pictures and compare them :)
 Besides having a gorgeous hair now, I also made new friend who is the hair stylist, Maiko-San :) Surely I'll go back to La.Bo again, to cut my signature fringe ^^ and do more treatment. Maiko is also very fun to chat with. I really didn't get bored there and I really am amazed with Maiko's humble personality :) Two thumbs up for you Maiko-San :)

love : Ice Caramel Machiato ^^
                        & Sausage Pastry ^^

おもしろい Tokyo FM car, hahaha
*the 4 pictures on the bottom are BEFORE HAIR CUT :p


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