Monday, February 27, 2012



Stopped by at SHIBUYA109 last Saturday after getting a little "pocket money" from BOOKOFF, hahahaha !! When I wanted to go in and up, so many events happened that day. Got a free DHC cleansing oil sample and even met with DJ HELLO KITTY ^^ AAAAAA :D I felt so lucky that day.

 Moving on, inside Shibuya 109 changes happened. Many of the stores inside were re-newing their stores and on Saturday some of them finally re opened ! Usually the shops will give treatment to the customers who come, from a lollypop until DISCOUNT COUPON !! I got 100YEN OFF from LDS and why waste it ?!! I am currently in desperate need of new spring accessories so I began my shopping spree at the new look of LDS shop ^^

DoistuPanda's おすすめ
(osusume : recommendation :p)



OH MY !! I fall in love with this SUPER KAWAII type of headband !! The price starts from 990YEN and the best part is you just need to twist it on your head and PRETTY YOU COMES UP ^0^ This spring pastel is so on, so this LDS headband is so perfect !! It comes in yellow, purple,blue,lace and just like mine, peach ^0^ LDS version of usa mimi is XTRA LARGE which brings up the cuteness level *^^*

FYI, USA MIMI comes from the word Japanese of USAGI, which means rabbit and MIMI, which means ears ^^ IT'S A RABBIT EAR HEADBAND *^^*

*.  DATE MEGANE だてメガネ

Until now, one of my mojo in dressing up is my glasses !! In Japan, Date Megane is getting much more famous. Date Megane refers to glasses which has no lenses. DoitsuPanda's style : FAKE EYELASHES feat. MEGANE !! you will be super stylish in so many ways ;) Did you remember I was wearing hello kitty glasses when I went to Sanrio Puroland ? It was lended by my fashion mates, Kaila Ocampo who found it in Hongkong. NOW, THIS GLASSES IS AVAILABLE IN JAPAN !!! I finally have my own Kitty chan glasses ^0^ This glasses is super cute for spring because the frame is white and the ribbon is peach ^^ MIX IT WITH MY USA MIMI HEADBAND and AAAAA, just wait for ny outfit shoot with them ^0^



Thats why I also bought this studded bracelet for a super early warm up, hahaha.
(Actually, I bought it to use my coupon. When you get a discount coupon, read the terms and condition !!!! Its usually in smaller font size and there is this kanji 以上 which means you need to buy items above that amount of price including tax!!) 

The wather is getting warmer, but there's nothing wrong when it comes to ice cream. Found this cute and affordable ice cream hair pin to mix nd match with any other colorful pastel look. What a colorful cuteness ^0^ GET READY FOR NEW SEASON !!

while I was shopping at LDS, I met this very kind shopkeeper ^0^ She is so pretty and I even got a free polaroid with her. Me, as Michael Jackson and She as Mairlyn Monroe !! ありがとう LDS !! ^^


 I never realized that until lately my room is full with so many BOOKS, MAGAZINES and CLOTHES!! hahaha. One step at a time I am arranging my room again ;) Well, I love reading books, but for magazines, sometimes I just keep some, which has great pictures to cut, hehe. I have been trying to find where to put it out and second hand book shop seems great !! Before I have tried to sell it online, but there are so many requirements like owning a credit card to be able to sell on that site. So, I kept on searching and finally found it !!
 One of the easiest to sell is at BOOKOFF, the largest secondhand books chain in Japan. They accept Japanese and sometimes foreign languange books too. Actually now its not just books they accept, but also DVD,CD and GAMES.Its actually saves alot of money if you can found some things there. Your favorite singer's album,casettes of games and even English books !!
 Saturday morning I have prepared my heavy magazines inside plastic bags and ready to board for BOOKOFF Shibuya.

the front part of BOOKOFF SHIBUYA
Here are the steps to sell your things :
1. Bring your things to the cashier or to the counter on the 1st floor, say you want to sell your things.
(just say simple sentence like 本を売りたいです-  hon o uritaidesu, you can change the oobjects depend on what you are selling)

2. They will give you a number and you will be called when your things have been inspected. While waiting, you can go around 3 floors of BOOKOFF :)

 Like me, I spent my time on manga floors and decided to buy 2 manga for Kanji Practice ^0^
The usual price for one book was 419Yen but I got it for 200Yen. SO HAPPY *^^* you can even have some of the mangas for 105Yen. Take your time there ;)

3. When you have been called, go to a counter next to 1st floor cash register desk and the shopkeeper will give you a receipt how much your things worth. I don't know if you can bargain for higher price, but I didn' ask about it when I was selling my books.

4. They will ask you to give write a short informaation about you and show your Identification card ( Alien ID, Drivers License or Passport if you are in a holiday or short term of living)  They use it to confirm what you hae written, especially AGE. You need to be more than 18 years old to sell your things.

5. Bring your cash home and enjoy a free space at your room ;D
   * a little message from DoitsuPanda : the price that BOOKOFF give will be waaaayy cheaper than the time you bought it. if you want to get more money, you can try selling it to Amazon,eBay,gaijinpot and many other online site. You will also need to have credit card for that. However, if you just want to make a space in your room and not care much about how much profit you'll get, BOOKOFF is your destination ! easy, fast and still earn some :D

I sold 7 old magazines and I got 160YEN ^0^

For some people maybe its not much, but for me, I am so happy to earn my own money no matter how much it is. I have a special saving for the money that I earn by myself and I want to keep doing it until I have my own job. I love my family so much and one day I want to make them happy by seeing me taking care of myself with my own money and take them to beautiful places for family trip, the 4 of us :) miss you mam,pap, and mas :*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oh My !! I just had a blast of desserts today !! Any kinds of cake, you name it, I have eaten them all !! Apple cake, Strawberry, even Green tea is inside my stomach now. hahaha. It's Wednesday, so It's fancy dinner night ! We, The Food Three Musketeers, DoitsuPanda,Fio and Ela (my Indonesian mates ^0^) had been planning to eat in Sweet Paradise for a week. We didn't eat lunch today cause after 3 o'clock it's show time!!
 This restaurant is an ALL YOU CAN EAT style and it's very afordable for students. Rather than eating one piece of cake and a cup of tea in a luxury cafe for 1,480yen, you can eat tons type of cakes as much as you want for 1,5 hour here! There is also main course like pasta, pizza and Japanese curry rice, but the cakes are to die for !!
 You can find this restaurant in famous tourist spots like Shinjuku,Shibuya, Harajuku and even outside Tokyo. Each restaurant has different ambience, so feel free to try each place when you have time :)
Thanks Fio and Ela for modeling, hihihihi ;p

When you walked down to the restaurant, don't be shocked because the door is shaped like factory door and seems like you got into the wrong place. No,no,no !! Just go straight and TADAAAAAAAAAAA, WELCOME TO SWEETS PARADISE FACTORY *^0^* Buy your ticket from the machine and enjoy your sweets adventure !!!!
 Tips from me, guys, when you are about to seat, the waitress will ask you if you want to have pizza or not, SAY YES!! It's included in the price and you will get one big slice. Remember, the pizza will only be given once so you can't ask for more and you have tto decide it before you can take other foods freely.

cake, cake, cake, AAAAAAAAA v^0^
Pasta Bar ( The place of the main course)

Any choice of fresh juice, tea, coffee available here !!

Explore the warm Chocholate Fountain (with marshmallow and biscuit ) ^0^

Need Popcorn, anyone?

 Okay, here is DoitsuPanda's food flow for the day !! :

1. Salad : Corn, onion,cabbage and Thousand Island Sauce (not a fan of vegetable honestly)
2. Pasta
3. Cake plate #1 (lady like portion) ----> my recommendation : APPLE CAKE ^0^
4. Pizza
5. Cake plate #2 ( sumo athlete portion, hahaha!)
6. Curry rice
7. Tea and popcorn
-----FULLLLLLL !!!!!!---- (My stomach feels so tight and hard to walk -.-) HELP !!!!

Please prepare an empty stomach before you enter this sweets factory !!!
And more importantly, be responsible for the food you take, guys :D cause we,human, can be insanely barbarian when it comes to food, hehehe. Anyway, try this heaven on earth !! hahahaha ;)

Another pictures of Sweets Paradise Ambience  ^0^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BEAUTY KIT : EYELASHES CASE - cheap and chic *^^*

 Last Sunday I spent my time exploring 100Yen Shop near my student house just to clear my mind, hehe. Turned out I found this stylish yet afordable fake eyelashes case ^^
 Before I get to Japan, I almost didn't know how to put on fake eyelashes and even NOT INTERESTED !! I thought it was just an eye tiring equipment and used only by grown ups. However, the moment I stepped my foot on this city called Tokyo, everyone, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E wear fake eyelashes !! Its like something that they can't live without. They use them as a confidence boost. Furthermroe Japanese girls love wide eyes and these eyelashes make their eyes even more beautiful. Perfect !
 So, fake eyelashes can be used more than once and sometimes we don't know where to put them. Stick it to a tissue ? You might have accidentally trash it away. Put it on a make up table? It might also get lost. The best place to keep is in this case like the one I have. Here they have three stairs to keep the eyelashes and a tiny glue place. You can bring it inide your purse and your eyelashes will be safe. On the upper picture you can see thats my eyelashes inside it, so cute isn't it ?

 The color comes in pink and purple, but I chose the purple, less girly but still cute ^0^

Monday, February 20, 2012

新宿(SHINJUKU) : SWEETS AND KEBAB ^0^ --> watch out : ADDICTIVE !! hahaha

Since my school now is in Shinjuku, I have plenty of time to explore any foods which are available (surely the less pricy one, hehe) And for many times, my Indonesia friends are the best to go eat with cause we can talk anything that we want !! I still love to go with my other friends from other countries, but for this part my Fio and Ella are the best gossip mates !! hahaha.
 After school we usually go out to find snacks or something a bit fancier than 食堂(shokudou-canteen) food ;) The funny part is this outside meal only happen starting around Wednesdayor Thursday. Well, we have our budget for food expense, so having a less fancy food on Monday and Tuesday is not a bad idea. This is the life of a student !!

There was this one time when we wanted to eat honey toast after school but we had to do karaoke also if we wanted to eat it. OH MY ! It was like Triton from little mermaid cartoon sent a thunder storm and crushed our "sweet dessert" mood >.< After walking for a while we decided to eat at Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. At first we were attracted by the price of pasta they were selling, it was cheap !! However, the cakes seem much more delicious ! So, I tried caramel banana cake and ice matcha !! AAAAAAAAAAAAA, おいしい^0^ 

 The journey didn't stop there cause we were still craving for food !! And the choice went to this SUPER DELICIOUS KEBAB in Shinjuku East Exit. This really was addictive. The price is around 500-600 yen and you can choose your own sauce from not spicy at all, kare sauce, until the spiciest !! However, since Indonesian tongue can keep up with as many chilies that you can imagine, the sauce didn't taste spicy at all. However, the meat !!! OH MY, OH MY AGAIN !!!! I really recommend the MIX KEBAB !!! (you can get rid of the tomato if you don't like it, just like me, hehehe) The mix of beef and chicken meat. SUPER !! The bread is also different cause in Indonesia the kebab is usually like wrapping paper but here, it was like sandwich but with tons of MEAT !! This shop is really easy to find and you can sit in front of the shop and enjoy the street of Shinjuku while having warm juicy meat !!! O yeah, the shop name, Cherry Kebab ! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been eager to post my look with an Asymmetrical skirt since 2011, but I didn't have the right momentum to do it. Now, seems Perfect !!! Few days ago I went to Bunka's library and read SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE USA MAR 2012 ISSUE. This fashion item is placed #7 for MUST WEAR SPRING LOOK :) Furthermore I've seen that my Indonesian friends start to post looks with this type of skirt and I got even more excited !!
 FYI, this skirt has been famous in Japan since 2011 winter. I bought it that time with my mom !! AAA, I LOVE YOU MOM *^^* The special thing about this skirt is that there is pleats accent which make the siluete even more exotic. I give my personal touch of blue ligh bulb earring and rocking wing ring. Classic curly hair swept side and my nerdy glasses !!!!  ^o^
 I took these shots after school at Bunka University Shinjuku Campus with the help of my lovely friend, KAILA OCAMPO who I went with to Sanrio Puroland. I'm thankful because she was the one who took them because I know I am a bad model, huhuhuhu >.< Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH KAILA ^0^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentine day happened just yesterday and I really want to share how I spend it with a very special human being, ME !!! hahaha !
My plan was to have a gyudon dinner with my Indonesian friends, but it was canceled ToT well, だいじょうぶ ! (daijyoubu-it's okay) It's "ME" Time !! :D

1. Dress おっしゃれ ^0^ (osyare - stylish)

This year Tokyo was very gloomy on Valentine day, even worse raining >.< However, it doesn't stop me to wear something cute and nice :) I pick my Chanel cardigan replica and combine it with my Topshop tee and black leather skirt. Not to forget I braid my side hair to ad cheerful side of me in a day full of happiness :) Add up a little bling from my mom's earrings which is in star shape (my favorite ^^) and since it's cold I still wear my black furry boots :D

2. プリクラ ^0^ (Purikura-Japanese Photobox)

 Since I have dressed nicely, I must captured it perfectly !!! PURIKURA is the best way to accomplish it :D I chose this bambina 2 machine because I can send the file to my phone, yeiiiy ^^ Actually I have this 100yen discount ticket for purikura and the expire date is on Valentine Day, I MUST USE IT !!!! When you are in Japan, PURIKURA is a must to do list ! I guarantee you won't be disappointed ;) You can find it in every game center in Tokyo ^^

3. Special Valentine Doughnut ^0^

Every Valentine Day, Japan provides many Valentine merchandise, including in food and doughnut is a very flexible choice yet must eat beside chocholate :D I went to Shinjuku Eki South Exit and bought a huge heart shaped strawberry doughnut just for ME !!! ^^ I want to make my Valentine night even more romantic with this sweet bread ;D

4. Fancy Dinner

Seeing my picture surely it's not what you guys have in mind for a fancy dinner, I know, hahaha. It's my favorite food !!!! Cheese gyudon and egg ^^ Fancy dinner in my Valentine dictionary is eat whatever you want !! It can be a less pricy food or it can be in a famous restaurant ;) I am so in the mood of gyudon, yeah ;D

5. Movie night with CHOCOLATE ^0^

 In Japan, it happens that there is a ともチョコ (tomochoco) tradition :D It means chocholate for friends. Here there is a significant different between special chocolate for the one you have crush on or love and your friend or coleage. I happened to have TONS of them from my BIL friends :D It is my subtitute for popcorn while watching "The Proposal" on Valentine night ^^

Last but not least, I just want to say to you guys, in this day of love, don't bring sorrow and sadness in your heart. Give love to yourself. There might be many people there who need to get through break up and spend this special day alone. Today, give your heart a break. DO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Have a groupies night with your best friends or if you want to spend it just yourself find many interesting stuffs that only you can enjoy it. Lots of love for all of you guys. We are never alone in this world ^^

Saturday, February 11, 2012




Shinjuku Eki in the morning is always full with people, but this Saturday morning there are these 2 girls dressing up as 'kittens' with their super kawaii bow headband ^^ THAT'S ME & KAILA !!! who else?!! hahaha. The story is me and my best fashion mate, Kaila Ocampo (owner of decided to go to SANRIO PUROLAND, the home of all Sanrio's characters, from Hello Kitty to Cinamorol, my favorite !!!!! ^^
 Meet at Shinjuku at 9AM and we took the Keio Line to reach Sanrio Puroland which is in KeioTamaCenter. From the map that Kaila bought, it seems like we don't have to change train, but we are so wrong !!! First funny accident : Had to change train 2 times cause the first one was we went too far and the second time was because the train stop before our destination =.= What a quite rough start, but we kept having fun with taking each others picture !! 見て、見て

The moment we arrived at KeioTamaCenter, my heart was jumping so fast and as we got closer to Sanrio Puroland the feeling is unbareable !! Then we saw it !!! The gate which really looks like a cute pastel castle. AAAAAAA. Furthermore, Kaila brought a discount cupon from Sanrio Puroland website, save more money :) If you guys want to go, it's a good idea to check and bring the cupon !

 So, THE ADVENTURE STARTS!! This amusement park has 4 floors and we decided to go from the highest floore. There's this Food Machine and we had a cute lunch set of My Melody. The best part, we got to bring the My Melody lunch box and the dessert glass !! My Cinamorol ^^ !! When we were eating, it was so sad that we have to eat the Kitty sausage and the Kuromi chocholate. Wish could just bring them home and didn't eat it, hihihi. :p

 After meal,  let's burn those calories !! We tried the Boat Ride. It was a sightseeing attraction, like a doll house, but they can move ! They were all so cute and most of the characters are there ^^ Cinamorol and friends were cooking, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel were having a party, My Melody was sewing clothes, and so on !! You should check them !! It wasn't like a usual ride cause at first the boat that you will be riding was going down like a roller coaster ! but in slow motion, don't be afraid ;p Befor you went out, your picture will be taken and you can get it at the exit door :D It's 1000 Yen. For me, it's worthed and it's one of my hobbies to collect pictures at amusement park ride ^^
 Other atractions most of them are for children around 5 years old, hahaha. There are some theaters which presented some shows, the latest Sanrio characters Jewel Pet and even One Piece 3D movie experience. It was okay, but maybe not for teenagers. However I guess it's good to practice 日本語(nihongo-Japanese) :D
 For some hours we were kind of tired walking around and ended up in front of a Hello Kitty Ice Cream Store. At first we wanted to buy, but we just cancelled it cause we were planning to go to Cinamorol Cafe :D and here comes the second funny accident : just when we wanted to walk again, there was a girl and an American guy approaching us. Turns out they wanted us to be models for a movie about Hello Kitty ! SHOCKED !! It was my first time being an actress and I guess I was a bad one, hahaha. We were picked because we dressed so well and kawaii ;) The story was we were two girls who were playing UFO Catcher, trying to catch a doll from the machine. At first I didn't try to get the doll seriously, but I got it !!! So HAPPY, lalalalala :D
 It was nearly the end of our adventure and after those happy funny accidents, I LOST MY WALLET >.< FREAKED OUT ToT I had just took a lottery to give a present for Kaila (worth 1,600 Yen ---> Joke, hahaha ) and I dropped my wallet. I realized it when I wanted to buy souveniers. I was so afraid cause all my important cards are there. We went back to the lottery place and it wasn't there. Luckily, at the information counter, somebody found it !! Haaaahhh.. よかった.
I should be more careful starting from now on !!

 The journey won't be complete without buying Sanrio goodies !!! Yeiiy !!! Yeiiy !! At first I was kind of dilemma what to buy and the idea of spending money cause I tend to lose control >.< This time I made a great decission and here are my stuff !!

* big ear red hello kitty key chain for my heart bag ^^ chocholate cheese cake for my best friends on valentine day, another lunch box cause thist time is CINAMOROL !! and the kitchen wares from the lunch set that I have eaten ;) *



MY MENTOR (hahaha)