Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 *見て、見て、かわいいね ^^*

Japan has been very famous for its 100 YEN SHOP where you can find almost anything and it only takes a coin of 100 yen to buy them. (actually, plus tax is 105 yen, hehehe :p)
 When you come to Japan, try also this 3 COINS shop !! It has the same system of 100 YEN SHOP where all the prices of everything is the same. The difference is, they are MUCH CUTER !! I love it even more cause the ambience of the store is filled with one of my favorites color, green :D The easiest store to find is in 渋谷(Shibuya) cause it is so big and eye catchy !! FYI, this shop is super perfect for anyone who just got to Japan and want to decorate new room with beautiful things !!
 As time goes by and I know how everything in Japan can be very pricy, I tend to check the item that I want in this shop first then compare the price. Some of the items can be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper to buy here, for example clothes hanger, room sandals, boxes to keep our stuff or tiny book racks. The collection of accessories in this store isn't bad too ! When you are in need of headband or new hair piece to match with new clothes, stop by and find it there. Everytime I step inside this store I  always find so many fun stuff to buy and I need to control myself not to buy unimportant stuff. Be careful guys, SHOPAHOLIC MODE ON, hahaha !

 You can even find stockings for winter and here comes my favorite--- RUFFLE SOCKS ^o^

I have always been wanting to buy them because it is so Japanese style, but in some other shops the price can reach 1000Yen for a pair >.< Luckily found them here and directly I bought 2 pairs, hahaha ! Some people might think when the price is low maybe the quality won't be as good as the expensive ones, but for someone who loves to collect many style of socks or any other fashion elements, there is no need to be ashamed of to buy in a cheap price. The most important is you need to shop smartly ! When you can find the item in lower price, why not !! my advice : keep it as a secret cause no need to tell that 'price info' to other people ;)

Once again I want to remind you that even the shop name is 3 COINS, don't just bring 300yen to the store cause you can't buy anything !! After tax the price will be 315yen !!  ^0^
If you still forget,in front of the store there is a humongous sign about the price in English too :)

 LOOK !!


  1. Keep on rolling....Panda!:)

  2. I love your blog about Japan!
    You still remember me??

    Your Junior High School classmate,
    Summer Flounce

    1. thanks alot !
      hey, of course I still remember (^o^) junior high 2nd grade mate !!
      your blog, AWESOME !! (^q^)

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