Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been eager to post my look with an Asymmetrical skirt since 2011, but I didn't have the right momentum to do it. Now, seems Perfect !!! Few days ago I went to Bunka's library and read SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE USA MAR 2012 ISSUE. This fashion item is placed #7 for MUST WEAR SPRING LOOK :) Furthermore I've seen that my Indonesian friends start to post looks with this type of skirt and I got even more excited !!
 FYI, this skirt has been famous in Japan since 2011 winter. I bought it that time with my mom !! AAA, I LOVE YOU MOM *^^* The special thing about this skirt is that there is pleats accent which make the siluete even more exotic. I give my personal touch of blue ligh bulb earring and rocking wing ring. Classic curly hair swept side and my nerdy glasses !!!!  ^o^
 I took these shots after school at Bunka University Shinjuku Campus with the help of my lovely friend, KAILA OCAMPO who I went with to Sanrio Puroland. I'm thankful because she was the one who took them because I know I am a bad model, huhuhuhu >.< Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH KAILA ^0^


  1. anytime ; )

    so cuteeee / otona mitai and OSYAREE!!

    1. really thanks a bunch ! (*^^*) aaaaa.. you are always cute and osyare too (^o^)
      need any of my help, just tell me (*^^*) thank you for your email too (^.^)