Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BEAUTY KIT : EYELASHES CASE - cheap and chic *^^*

 Last Sunday I spent my time exploring 100Yen Shop near my student house just to clear my mind, hehe. Turned out I found this stylish yet afordable fake eyelashes case ^^
 Before I get to Japan, I almost didn't know how to put on fake eyelashes and even NOT INTERESTED !! I thought it was just an eye tiring equipment and used only by grown ups. However, the moment I stepped my foot on this city called Tokyo, everyone, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E wear fake eyelashes !! Its like something that they can't live without. They use them as a confidence boost. Furthermroe Japanese girls love wide eyes and these eyelashes make their eyes even more beautiful. Perfect !
 So, fake eyelashes can be used more than once and sometimes we don't know where to put them. Stick it to a tissue ? You might have accidentally trash it away. Put it on a make up table? It might also get lost. The best place to keep is in this case like the one I have. Here they have three stairs to keep the eyelashes and a tiny glue place. You can bring it inide your purse and your eyelashes will be safe. On the upper picture you can see thats my eyelashes inside it, so cute isn't it ?

 The color comes in pink and purple, but I chose the purple, less girly but still cute ^0^


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