Monday, February 27, 2012


 I never realized that until lately my room is full with so many BOOKS, MAGAZINES and CLOTHES!! hahaha. One step at a time I am arranging my room again ;) Well, I love reading books, but for magazines, sometimes I just keep some, which has great pictures to cut, hehe. I have been trying to find where to put it out and second hand book shop seems great !! Before I have tried to sell it online, but there are so many requirements like owning a credit card to be able to sell on that site. So, I kept on searching and finally found it !!
 One of the easiest to sell is at BOOKOFF, the largest secondhand books chain in Japan. They accept Japanese and sometimes foreign languange books too. Actually now its not just books they accept, but also DVD,CD and GAMES.Its actually saves alot of money if you can found some things there. Your favorite singer's album,casettes of games and even English books !!
 Saturday morning I have prepared my heavy magazines inside plastic bags and ready to board for BOOKOFF Shibuya.

the front part of BOOKOFF SHIBUYA
Here are the steps to sell your things :
1. Bring your things to the cashier or to the counter on the 1st floor, say you want to sell your things.
(just say simple sentence like 本を売りたいです-  hon o uritaidesu, you can change the oobjects depend on what you are selling)

2. They will give you a number and you will be called when your things have been inspected. While waiting, you can go around 3 floors of BOOKOFF :)

 Like me, I spent my time on manga floors and decided to buy 2 manga for Kanji Practice ^0^
The usual price for one book was 419Yen but I got it for 200Yen. SO HAPPY *^^* you can even have some of the mangas for 105Yen. Take your time there ;)

3. When you have been called, go to a counter next to 1st floor cash register desk and the shopkeeper will give you a receipt how much your things worth. I don't know if you can bargain for higher price, but I didn' ask about it when I was selling my books.

4. They will ask you to give write a short informaation about you and show your Identification card ( Alien ID, Drivers License or Passport if you are in a holiday or short term of living)  They use it to confirm what you hae written, especially AGE. You need to be more than 18 years old to sell your things.

5. Bring your cash home and enjoy a free space at your room ;D
   * a little message from DoitsuPanda : the price that BOOKOFF give will be waaaayy cheaper than the time you bought it. if you want to get more money, you can try selling it to Amazon,eBay,gaijinpot and many other online site. You will also need to have credit card for that. However, if you just want to make a space in your room and not care much about how much profit you'll get, BOOKOFF is your destination ! easy, fast and still earn some :D

I sold 7 old magazines and I got 160YEN ^0^

For some people maybe its not much, but for me, I am so happy to earn my own money no matter how much it is. I have a special saving for the money that I earn by myself and I want to keep doing it until I have my own job. I love my family so much and one day I want to make them happy by seeing me taking care of myself with my own money and take them to beautiful places for family trip, the 4 of us :) miss you mam,pap, and mas :*


  1. At a BOOK OFF In Osaka, in october 2014, they didn't want to accept my passport, as i don't live in Japan : is that odd?

    1. No it's not odd. The company only allows for (non-permanent is okay) residence of Japan to sell items. If you don't have an address for them to locate you (if they find the items are stolen) they will not take your items.

  2. ok i am a tourist wil my passport and a copy of my hotel address work or where do i need to get this type of id to sell?