Sunday, February 5, 2012

GODIVA CHOCHOISTE : ホワイトチョコレートマチャ抹茶 moist & yummy ^^ @原宿 (Harajuku)

 Board the Hachiko Bus at 10 AM heading to Harajuku, turns its still too early !! When I arrived, the street contains only small amount of people and the stores still have the "close" sign. >.< hufff !!!
Suddenly want to have a sweet treat since I had a pizza bread (made by myself :D) hahaha. Starbucks was my first choice, but いつも (always) full with people >.< Then I remember that I have been dying to try this place which sells a world class chocolate, GODIVA CHOCOISTE. It was planted in my mind there is thisH.U.G.E ice blended cup and it looks delicious ! Well, why don't I give it a try !! :)

                                                   *the huge cap that captivated me, haha*

 I was the first customer of the day and I don't know why I'm happy ! :) the 店員 (shop worker) was very nice because she greeted me before I went in :D My eyes directly looked at the greeny drink on the menu. It was white chocholate green tea ice blend, just perfect ! It didn't took a long time for them to make it. I even got complimentary chocholate which is being sold now for Valentine Day. Sweet !! When I finally got my drink, directly I went upstair which was awesome ! There is a little balcony with comfy blanket. However I just chose the bar table because it was still chilly today >.<
 Despite the small cup size and 560 yen price, the taste was SUPER !! You ca feel the traditional Japanese green tea mixed with Godiva white chocolate. REALLY NEED TO TRY YOURSELF !!! I drank it so slowly so I could feel sensation of this drink, hahaha. Sometimes you can feel the tiny chocolate block, it gives more fun !!
 My tips : have some sweet treats before you start shopping cause it gives you additional energy. CHARGE YOUR BATTERY, GUYS !! ;p

                                                              *zoom up : the DRINK ^^*

                                                     *me, me, me, enjoying this YUMMY DRINK*


  1. hey I'm from Indonesia. so can we talk more about how you can study in Japan? see me on my blog too or do you have fb and twitter? I really need to talk with you :D call me Hana

    1. hey Hanna :) sure, you can add me on facebook.
      find me : Leen Dewantari
      see you soon :)

  2. looks so yummy! wanna try as well ^^v

    1. let's try it together when we hang out together @ harajuku !!(^.^)

  3. I really appreciate that you have response my post~ big thanks for that :D so I already add you on fb. name Hana Akram. after you confirm that let's talk! hoho

    1. hei ! sorry i didn't accept your request at facebook cause i didn't know it was you (ToT)(ToT) ごめんね。(>_<)(>_<) will you add me one more time ? then surely let's talk !!!

  4. ciehh ;;)
    you look more mature now beib *^^*
    i really like your style (y)

  5. thank you so much beibb (^з^)-☆
    aaa, miss you too (^.^)
    mature dri mna y, wkwkwk, diamini deh (^o^)/
    hug ♪