Saturday, February 4, 2012

すごく おいしいKimchi Jjigae (김치찌개) & Frozen Yoghurt @ 新億簿 (Shin Okubo)

 Korean Idols charisma is still unbeatable, even in Japan, who has the largest group of girl band in this century. Not far from Shinjuku, just one stop to be exact with JR Yamanote Line, there is this tiny Korean Town, Shin Okubo. Just right outside the station, you will find many people giving map for free and you might need it ! cause you will find large amout of Korean restaurants, Korean food markets, Cafes and drum roll please !! KOREAN IDOLS GOODIES SHOPS!! Well, sorry to say that this post today is only about foods that I have tried, hehehe. Wait for my next posts,hohoho.
 For today, my Indonesian friend, Fiolita, showed me one of the best restaurants in Shin Okubo. One of the recommended foods is the grilled meat dish, but since we are craving for spipcy food we chose Kimchi Jjigae. It is served in a stone pot and when it arrives on your table, it is still SUPER HOT !! BE CAREFUL !! Inside, you will find super moist tofu, shells, raddish inside a spicy kimchi soup. Eat it with rice, it is super GREAT !! Because I got too excited eating, I even got a running nose, hahaha. The price is around 1,029 yen but super worthed. You even got complimentary korean gum after you pay at the cashier. The best part about this restaurant is that there are 3 super size TV inside which play famous video clips of Korean Idols. Well, it feels like you are watching their show while eating, hahahaha. I even saw my fave CN BLUE video clips !! They excite me more when I was eating ^^

*enjoying my meal*

                      * the restaurant ambience :) * *the korean tablewares are so cute ^^*

After meal won't be complete when I don't eat dessert. In Japan, the most common desserts are crepes and ice creams, but I found my all time second favorite dessert, FroYo :) Back in Indonesia I often have Frozen Yoghurt after my meal, missing it alot !! In Shin Okubo, there are some cafes which sell Yoghurt, but I tried the one called Yofrutto. There are many falvors that you can choose, so YUMMY !!! Strawberry, Green tea, even Banana! and many more. The smallest cup can contain one flavor and one topping only, just like mine :) BANANA GUMMY BEAR ^^ The Korean waiter will assist customers after they say what flavor and we can choose and pick the toppings ourselves. Imagining I chose the big cup, AAAA ^^. The price starts from 270 Yen, afordable enough :) Don't forget to enjoy the delicious yoghurt inside the cozy cafe too ;D

*me & my banana gummy bear yoghurt*

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