Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Tokyo Rainy Morning Gadgets ;)



*taken at 新宿(Shinjuku) near Bunka^^*

Wake up this morning, feeling something strange. Usually when my phone rings, 07:15AM, I can see the sunlight strikes through my curtain, but why is it so dark ? Well, turns out that it's been raining I don't know since when. Gloomy >.<
 You can say that Februrary is nearly the end of winter here. It's getting warmer now, not much strong wind which usually ruin my hair, hahaha! but RAIN ?! make me must prepare more gadgets in the morning ! here are some of my must bring items, hope it will be useful for you guys !!

 FIRST : UMBRELLA-of course !

Honestly I have bicycle that I can use to go to school, but riding on a wet road is a big no no.Too risky for me who has just learn how to ride bicycle when I was 18 !! hahaha!
Okay, since technology has become greater as time goes by, so does the umbrella technology ! I bought this super effevtive umbrella which has button to open it. The usual umbrella usually hurt my finger cause it stucks everytime I'm using it >.< Just press the button and it will automatically bloom !


When it's raining, surely our shoes is the victim >.< I don't want to risk anything, so I bought a very cute rain boots. The shape is shorter like ankle boots which make it different from the imagination of the boots that usually grandma use to go gardening ;p It is super comfortable and match any of my clothes, PERFECT !


Can you imagine bring your precious bag outside when its's raining ? A BIG NO !! My advice, fiind a waterproof one ! Last year when I was searching for a new bag to go to school, I decided to find a waterproof one so I can use even when it's both rainy and sunny. My dad chose this Porter bag which has uniqueness ! If you see closer in the picture, it seems like the bag is made of paper ! but it is covered in plastic. Even when you drown this bag in a bath tub the outer part won't get wet and your belongings are safe from the water ;)

*I know some of these things are very common, but paying more attention about them will make your day as enjoyable as when it is sunny! Stay out of the water ;p *

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