Wednesday, February 8, 2012

お好み焼き (おこのみやき) OKONOMIYAKI FIESTA @歌舞伎町(Kabukicho) ^^

*the front part of the restaurant ^^*
 Kabukicho is known for the red light district in Tokyo where night clubs, 居酒屋(いざかや)- a place to drink beer and even love hotels open their business freely . Tonight, I am changing this image cause there are actually alot of fun things to do there without involving human dark side.

 Just above 7eleven convinience store, to be exact 8 floors above, there is this delicious okonomiyaki restaurant where you can cook your own okonomiyaki !!! I really recommend you to eat on the Japanese style table to feel the real sensation of this Japanese food. Thanks to my upstair neighbour, Ella, who showed me this Heaven !! hahahaha! Okonomiyaki is best eaten with lots of people, so I also had my previous Indonesian friend, Fiolita :) They are my gossipmates here in Japan !! (gossiping in good way ;p )

The step to cook is super easy ! First, order what toppings do you want. I chose Ebi Okonomiyaki. (Ebi- prawn) The waiter will give you a bowl of it. Don't  be fooled by the bowl size !! It may seem small, but after you mix and pour it on the frying table, IT'S HUGE !! For girls, I guess one portion is more than enough because it will be so thick. Wait for around 5 minutes and don't forget to flip it over with the special cooking spoons that will be given on the table. While waiting, it's a good time to chat with your friends !! Eventhough we didn't order beer , we have a great time talking ^^ --- ehm, gossiping too !!! wkwkwkwk ;D

This okonomiyaki won't be perfect if you don't add sauce and mayonaise !! Last but not least, the FISH FLAKES !!! (鰹節) Let it dances on top of your okonomiyaki and it's ready to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
いただきます !!!!!

* OKONOMIYAKI : Japanese pancake which contain so many toppings inside, from cheese, to seafood or meat. It is available in most part of Japan. You can also add noodles, but it will be called : MODANYAKI (modern yaki)

* TOKYO's okonomiyaki is usually smaller !! If you have time to explore Japan outside Tokyo, try go to Kansai or Kagoshima for a different sensation of Okonomiyaki.
* The origin of this food is said from Osaka.
* OKONOMIYAKI comes from the word 'okonomi' which means 'what you want' and 'yaki' which means 'grilled'



  1. Fun photos! Here's some more detailed information on okonomiyaki if you are interested - Have fun!

    1. Hi !! thanks alot for the info. will be checking it now and wish i can try,hehehe,keep following Doitsupanda(*^^*)(*^^*)