Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentine day happened just yesterday and I really want to share how I spend it with a very special human being, ME !!! hahaha !
My plan was to have a gyudon dinner with my Indonesian friends, but it was canceled ToT well, だいじょうぶ ! (daijyoubu-it's okay) It's "ME" Time !! :D

1. Dress おっしゃれ ^0^ (osyare - stylish)

This year Tokyo was very gloomy on Valentine day, even worse raining >.< However, it doesn't stop me to wear something cute and nice :) I pick my Chanel cardigan replica and combine it with my Topshop tee and black leather skirt. Not to forget I braid my side hair to ad cheerful side of me in a day full of happiness :) Add up a little bling from my mom's earrings which is in star shape (my favorite ^^) and since it's cold I still wear my black furry boots :D

2. プリクラ ^0^ (Purikura-Japanese Photobox)

 Since I have dressed nicely, I must captured it perfectly !!! PURIKURA is the best way to accomplish it :D I chose this bambina 2 machine because I can send the file to my phone, yeiiiy ^^ Actually I have this 100yen discount ticket for purikura and the expire date is on Valentine Day, I MUST USE IT !!!! When you are in Japan, PURIKURA is a must to do list ! I guarantee you won't be disappointed ;) You can find it in every game center in Tokyo ^^

3. Special Valentine Doughnut ^0^

Every Valentine Day, Japan provides many Valentine merchandise, including in food and doughnut is a very flexible choice yet must eat beside chocholate :D I went to Shinjuku Eki South Exit and bought a huge heart shaped strawberry doughnut just for ME !!! ^^ I want to make my Valentine night even more romantic with this sweet bread ;D

4. Fancy Dinner

Seeing my picture surely it's not what you guys have in mind for a fancy dinner, I know, hahaha. It's my favorite food !!!! Cheese gyudon and egg ^^ Fancy dinner in my Valentine dictionary is eat whatever you want !! It can be a less pricy food or it can be in a famous restaurant ;) I am so in the mood of gyudon, yeah ;D

5. Movie night with CHOCOLATE ^0^

 In Japan, it happens that there is a ともチョコ (tomochoco) tradition :D It means chocholate for friends. Here there is a significant different between special chocolate for the one you have crush on or love and your friend or coleage. I happened to have TONS of them from my BIL friends :D It is my subtitute for popcorn while watching "The Proposal" on Valentine night ^^

Last but not least, I just want to say to you guys, in this day of love, don't bring sorrow and sadness in your heart. Give love to yourself. There might be many people there who need to get through break up and spend this special day alone. Today, give your heart a break. DO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Have a groupies night with your best friends or if you want to spend it just yourself find many interesting stuffs that only you can enjoy it. Lots of love for all of you guys. We are never alone in this world ^^

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