Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oh My !! I just had a blast of desserts today !! Any kinds of cake, you name it, I have eaten them all !! Apple cake, Strawberry, even Green tea is inside my stomach now. hahaha. It's Wednesday, so It's fancy dinner night ! We, The Food Three Musketeers, DoitsuPanda,Fio and Ela (my Indonesian mates ^0^) had been planning to eat in Sweet Paradise for a week. We didn't eat lunch today cause after 3 o'clock it's show time!!
 This restaurant is an ALL YOU CAN EAT style and it's very afordable for students. Rather than eating one piece of cake and a cup of tea in a luxury cafe for 1,480yen, you can eat tons type of cakes as much as you want for 1,5 hour here! There is also main course like pasta, pizza and Japanese curry rice, but the cakes are to die for !!
 You can find this restaurant in famous tourist spots like Shinjuku,Shibuya, Harajuku and even outside Tokyo. Each restaurant has different ambience, so feel free to try each place when you have time :)
Thanks Fio and Ela for modeling, hihihihi ;p

When you walked down to the restaurant, don't be shocked because the door is shaped like factory door and seems like you got into the wrong place. No,no,no !! Just go straight and TADAAAAAAAAAAA, WELCOME TO SWEETS PARADISE FACTORY *^0^* Buy your ticket from the machine and enjoy your sweets adventure !!!!
 Tips from me, guys, when you are about to seat, the waitress will ask you if you want to have pizza or not, SAY YES!! It's included in the price and you will get one big slice. Remember, the pizza will only be given once so you can't ask for more and you have tto decide it before you can take other foods freely.

cake, cake, cake, AAAAAAAAA v^0^
Pasta Bar ( The place of the main course)

Any choice of fresh juice, tea, coffee available here !!

Explore the warm Chocholate Fountain (with marshmallow and biscuit ) ^0^

Need Popcorn, anyone?

 Okay, here is DoitsuPanda's food flow for the day !! :

1. Salad : Corn, onion,cabbage and Thousand Island Sauce (not a fan of vegetable honestly)
2. Pasta
3. Cake plate #1 (lady like portion) ----> my recommendation : APPLE CAKE ^0^
4. Pizza
5. Cake plate #2 ( sumo athlete portion, hahaha!)
6. Curry rice
7. Tea and popcorn
-----FULLLLLLL !!!!!!---- (My stomach feels so tight and hard to walk -.-) HELP !!!!

Please prepare an empty stomach before you enter this sweets factory !!!
And more importantly, be responsible for the food you take, guys :D cause we,human, can be insanely barbarian when it comes to food, hehehe. Anyway, try this heaven on earth !! hahahaha ;)

Another pictures of Sweets Paradise Ambience  ^0^


  1. sukses membuat aku ngiler beib :(
    mauuuu POL!
    aku wes laper tambah laper @@

    1. ayo2, mkanya ke sini beibb, hehehe :D
      nti makan breng kita d sni, yeahhh !!! ^^