Monday, February 20, 2012

新宿(SHINJUKU) : SWEETS AND KEBAB ^0^ --> watch out : ADDICTIVE !! hahaha

Since my school now is in Shinjuku, I have plenty of time to explore any foods which are available (surely the less pricy one, hehe) And for many times, my Indonesia friends are the best to go eat with cause we can talk anything that we want !! I still love to go with my other friends from other countries, but for this part my Fio and Ella are the best gossip mates !! hahaha.
 After school we usually go out to find snacks or something a bit fancier than 食堂(shokudou-canteen) food ;) The funny part is this outside meal only happen starting around Wednesdayor Thursday. Well, we have our budget for food expense, so having a less fancy food on Monday and Tuesday is not a bad idea. This is the life of a student !!

There was this one time when we wanted to eat honey toast after school but we had to do karaoke also if we wanted to eat it. OH MY ! It was like Triton from little mermaid cartoon sent a thunder storm and crushed our "sweet dessert" mood >.< After walking for a while we decided to eat at Italian Tomato Cafe Jr. At first we were attracted by the price of pasta they were selling, it was cheap !! However, the cakes seem much more delicious ! So, I tried caramel banana cake and ice matcha !! AAAAAAAAAAAAA, おいしい^0^ 

 The journey didn't stop there cause we were still craving for food !! And the choice went to this SUPER DELICIOUS KEBAB in Shinjuku East Exit. This really was addictive. The price is around 500-600 yen and you can choose your own sauce from not spicy at all, kare sauce, until the spiciest !! However, since Indonesian tongue can keep up with as many chilies that you can imagine, the sauce didn't taste spicy at all. However, the meat !!! OH MY, OH MY AGAIN !!!! I really recommend the MIX KEBAB !!! (you can get rid of the tomato if you don't like it, just like me, hehehe) The mix of beef and chicken meat. SUPER !! The bread is also different cause in Indonesia the kebab is usually like wrapping paper but here, it was like sandwich but with tons of MEAT !! This shop is really easy to find and you can sit in front of the shop and enjoy the street of Shinjuku while having warm juicy meat !!! O yeah, the shop name, Cherry Kebab ! :)

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