Thursday, March 8, 2012


28th February 2012,
Shinjuku Campus Little Canteen,
with Fiolita Chandra

 The clock strikes 1 o'clock, I found a life changing news in Japan.
OH MY !! I couldn't stop dancing at the canteen, seeing sakura flowers all over a word that will give me a new journey, 合格 (goukaku--pass)

 I have been living in Japan for about 6 months and honestly attending a 1,5 year Japanese Languange School. Last December (2011) I decided to apply for a university exam behind my parents back. At first I just wanted to measure my Japanese skill, but as I was on my preparing for the exam, I wanted it to be the first and the last time I tried for it. When I remembered that preparation time, I couldn't believe that I could go through all of that stuff.

 First, lying to my parents were the hardest part. I remembered when I tried to ask my parents to send me my high school scores transcript, I need to think a thousand excuses why did I need it. My parents seem buying my excuses and I kept lying for almost a month (God,please forgive me >w< )
 There was also a problem about my score trnscript at Japan back then. I was so mad at one of the office teacher because she seemed to make everything harder !! It was a cracked moment and I cried so hard that time because of the pressure.
 When I finally succeded completing all the documents and gave it to the University, here comes the second drama. I need to move from my previous student house !!! I was already comfortable with where I lived now and I just realized that my campus is not at Shinjuku anymore. It was 1 hour from Shinjuku and it will be at Kodaira to be exact !! I couldn't sleep thinking that I need to move and for some nights I was questioing the major that I will be studying. Shoud I change my major just becasue I want a school at Shinjuku ?
 The answer is, ladies and gentleman, NO !!! To really gain my spirit back I decided to check how will my future study place will be. The result, SO PERFECT !!!! It is far from the metropolitan view, but everything is available here. You want a department store ? Go shopping at MARUI and there is also LOFT to buy housing goods. Big supermarkets are also available here. WOW !! I just found out that this Kodaira area is actually filled with many schools from Elementary until University. The best part is, the distance of my student apartment and the school is less than 2 MINUTES. DoitsuPanda always lazy to wake up early, so this is just right !!!!

very convinient station with so many shops that I love

front gate of the school, so gorgeous !! ^0^

side picture of my future campus

school garden where students can sit and eat at lunch

future student house ^^

My father said to me : we will not be given what we asked for,but He will give us what we need...

Inside my journey here in Japan I found so many happy things and also difficult times that I think it is very unfair, but They all happened to make us stronger, to train us how to survive the real world..
Yesterday, now and forever, Thank you mom and dad who always give me cure for my broken heart.
and Thank you for bringing me here to life, and I can be who I am today.

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