Thursday, March 8, 2012


 On the same day of knowing that I FINALLY GOT ACCEPTED!!, I directly went SHOPPING !!!!!! AAAAAA, DoitsuPanda has been fasting for clothes in about 2 months since Winter break so I can't stand it anymore !! However, I have asked for my mom permission to shop ;) DoitsuPanda is being a good girl, hehehe.
 I have been dying to buy sweet macaroon colors clothes especially after seeing at JJ Magazine, a Japanese fashion magazine, that the pastel colors are on again !! OH MY !!

 Well, I chose Harajuku that day because I have made a spring wish list and I have been targeting some clothes before, so IT'S TIME TO BUY NOW !!! hahahahaha! The price is also afordable so for some amout of money I can buy a lot of things. Not to forget I dressed おしゃれ-ly (ossyarely- new word from DoitsuPanda, it means stylish, mix of Japanese and English ;p) Because it was a bit sunny I wore a black hat to support my all black outfit, hehe. Kind of the opposite of what I will buy ;)

 Okay ! I went around for 3 hours and OH MY !! The money that I have spent !! Don't copy this guys, I almost use my one week allowance, huaaa >w< However, they are supper worthed !! I even got a panda clothes and tons of pastel clothes :$
my day became super perfect and I captured my haul things in a short photoshoot at my "studio" ^o^
見て、見て( mite,mite - look, look ^0^)

 Hera are my lists of MACAROON UNIVERSITY HAUL things :
1. Creme glasses
2. Milky blue earrings
3. Peach knit cardigan
4. Mint lace skirt
5. Pink ribbon pants
6. Lace top with free pearls
7. Mix pastel shirt
8. Overal denim polcadot
9. Peach blue checked shirtdress
10. Creme peach spring scarf
11. Raspberry pin
12. Panda clothes
13. Cream peach sweat shirt
14. Colorful checked skirt
15. Colorful bear t-shirt
16. Pale pink stocking

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, DOITSUPANDA is so in love with Macaroon :$

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