Friday, March 9, 2012


 Eventhough it is still raining in Japan and seems there's no sign of spring, sighhh  =.= DoitsuPanda still excited to dress up for any occasion !!! ^0^ Today I went to my Japanese Languange School Graduation Ceremony and I decided to wear BATIK ^0^ It is fresh from Indonesia cause few days ago my mom and dad just sent it with other batik outfit. AAAAAAAAAAAA ^0^
 FYI, BATIK made #9 MUST WEAR for SPRING LOOK at SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE USA MAR 2012 issue. I am so proud of my culture, especially the beauty of a fabric which has been part of my life since I was a kid. My mom used to carry me with a Batik Sarong when I was a child and I have seen my parents exploring every corner of batik places in Indonesia. 
 Nowadays Batik is a blast again, Indonesian schools make a batik uniform, office ask the employee to wear Batik on specific days too. However, not many people give an expose for Batik outside Indonesia and I am willing to be that person through my daily style here, in Japan.
 Japanese has a high respect for this Indonesian original creation and I want to show them more about the exquisite of every pattern that Batik has.
 I feel like a Cinderella wearing this top because the color is baby blue, just like Cinderella's dress and The clock blag which I'm wearing already strikes 12 and the magic will soon disappear, but DoitsuPanda won't !!! ^0^ The breezy of spring can be felt through wearing this Batik.
Enjoy my snaps !!!!!! *^0^*