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 Just like the warmspring breeze coming to Japan, there are also people with warm heart who came to my life. They are MY FAMILY in TAKANABE, 杉ファミリー^0^ I spent 2 weeks in their house, joining their daily activity and the thing that made me happiest was being part of their family.
This volume 1 of my Homestay Journal will tell you about my dad, my mom,my grandma and my dog in Takanabe. We always have great times together and I feel very lucky to have them now. Even if I had got back to Tokyo now I still call them and send postcatds to my family ^^ When I have a chance on holiday times I want to go back to Takanabe again and meet them for sure ^0^
 Before I told you my exciting moments at the 2 weeks homestay, LET'S MEET MY TAKANABE FAMILY ^0^ !!!!!


 The first time we met was at the Ferry Station. I felt very comfortable knowing that my dad would be him. My homestay area was in 宮崎(MIYAZAKI) area but my dad's house was in TAKANABE TOWN. It was a 4 hours drive from the port and I felt it was super fast !! My friends who went to Miyazaki area too were riding a bus while I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT PICKED UP BY MY DAD !! yeiyyyy !!!! Isn't he so nice ?! On our way to my new home we stopped at some places and I just realized that my dad really has TONS OF FRIENDS, from a soldier retirement, farmer, karaoke teacher until a shop owner and pottery teacher. My dad's previous job was an English teacher at Don Bosco High School and the head of UNESCO for Takanabe area. My Japanese was not perfect enough so when I didn't know something my dad would explain it slowly and sometimes mixed with English!! Usually I helped my dad doing his field by RIDING TRACTOR !!! It was harder than I thought !! On the field dad usually plants rice and he got other 3 fields to grow vegetables. When we have been out for whole day and got tired, my dad, the rest of the family and I watched movie together, surrounding the KOTATSU (a Japanese warm table used when it's supposed to be winter or chilly). Dad's favorite channel is, トンイ, a KOREAN DRAMA !!! hohoho.
  What I love most about my dad is that he TREASURES MEMORIES PRECIOUSLY. Dad always carries a skecth book abd every pictures, brochures and even RECEIPT FROM A STORE are attached beautifully. With a simple pocket camera he took thousands pictures of me. When that photos had been printed the best part is he will also attached it to a plain white paper and decorate it with beautiful sentences.

 "These are very precious for me. When it is my time to leave this world, from the pictures poeple can see my life story even when I am not here anymore" --- my dad, CHIAKI SUGI


 My mom in Takanabe really is a SUPER MOM ! She is a full time house wife now with so many talents !!! Basically, a Japanese house wife is really good at cooking. Indeed my mom made me delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday ! No wonder I gained 6 KILOGRAMS!!! hahaha. Eventhough she did all the cleaning and laundry at home, she still has time for her hobbies, SINGING AND DANCING ! In the middle of the homestay program I was lucky to hear my mom's beautiful with her choir team in a concert. I even got a chance to practice together with mom's Taiko dance crew ! They are in their 60's but they sure can move gracefully ! FYI, my mom is THE BEST DANCER ;) hehehe. Other "mommy like" special ability that my mom has is SEWING ! Mom helped me made hand made gifts for my friends by taking me to the sewing store and told me how to sew better. Before going back to Tokyo mom gave a home made strawberry jam too. It was my favorite to eat with plain yoghurt !
 She is one of my role models for sure. What I love about her is that she is a Japanese mother figure who shows that being a mom doesn't mean you stuck with cleaning the house everyday. You still can get leisure time by doing your hobbies no matter how old you get. Mom used to work too in a factory, but as she grew older and her kids are bigger, she quit her job and dedicate her life more to the family. One day when I am in my 60's I want to have a life like her, enjoying my old age with peace in a quite village with my beloved ones.One more thing that I adore from mom. She has this small calendar attached in the toilet, which filled with sentences to bright up your each days.

(あなたの あかるさ で しゅうい が かわる)
(your cheerful outlook can positively change those around you) --- MIHOKO SUGI
On my birthday, and mom's quote for me from the calendar


 MY GRANDMA, OH MY GOD ! SHE SURPRISED ME ALOT !!! You will guess that she is a typical grandma who is very good at cooking, loves to give you presents and take a rest by sitting on a lazy chair doing nothing. The first two facts are right, but the last one, NO NO NO ! She is 83 years old, but SHE STILL CAN DRIVE A CAR !!  Never in my life I saw that moment when grandma drove her mini car to do groceries and not a single scratch on her car !! Grandma also can do works like finnding branches of tree to make the hot water, do some planting and take the dog on a walk. What a GENKI Grandma :) Back in her young days, grandma was very good at dancing, she performed a lot and did some karaoke too. Grandma's original look for everyday is her little scarf on the neck. Grandma always looks beautiful  :) Well, what can I say, Grandma is very diligent applying anti aging cream before going to bed ^0^ hehehehe.
  One of a typical older lady habit that grandma also has and I love it very much is grandma loves to keep cute little things in her room. I got so many things from her. pencil case, phone straps and hello kitty ceramic. Those were all hers and she gave them to me with a sincere smile. I always want to cry everytime I remember grandma's smiling face and make a funny joke about me then laugh so loud.  After arriving in Tokyo again I called grandma and she told me that she loves it when I called her name with my tone.

"When I hear you say [おばあちゃああん] on the phone, it always makes me lively again"---TAMI SUGI
She told me that everytime I call her. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA ^0^

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, メリーちゃん ^^

 She is 17 years old in dog age now and she is the quietest dog ever !!! ^0^ She has a sickness because of her age but she is still very cute  =^^=
She loves to try to bite my hand by the way !! hahahaha

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