Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 I realize that visiting Tokyo Sky Tree only once is not enough ! It's time for another date with dear friend Kaila from Rainbowholic ^0^ Like I said from the previous post, we must book a ticket to get to the upper floor, so instead, we went around the Tokyo Sky Tree shopping district !!! It is super duper huge and surely very crowded !!! It's Tuesday, yet there are so many people come to visit the sky tree.

 For this date, Kaila and I promised to wear our twin hello kitty rubber shoes ^0^ We bought them on LaForet Harjuku. It's our dresscode for the day !! ^0^ While wearing our kawaii theme shoes and outfit we traveled around hundreds of shops. Honestly, the best part of the date is we always have a long time of sitting and talk, about anything !! There are only few people here in Japan who I can talk with and Kaila is indeed my first place to share about my feeling or sometimes my future plan. She really is a good listener and I really am a girl who loves to talk, what a perfect match ! However, I also love to hear her stories too. Her life is very interesting from and Kaila is definitely a girl who really pursue her dream and use her creativity to the greatest. I am proud having a great firend in Japan ^0^
 Okay, back to the date ! hahaha. I will make lists of what we usually do when having time together ^^ I just realized we have some kind of ritual activities, but not in a freaky way >.< hehehehe. This list is also one of the recap of the date !! ENJOY !!!!!! ^0^


 Everytime we go, we surely need to eat ! And let me tell you, we eat hard !!!!!! Today we had steak and rice at Denny's Solamachi ^^ The portion was so big so we took our time to eat and talk !! I think we really took our time well because even the waiter already took our empty food plate we still continue talking and just drinking 無料(Muryou - free) water, hahahaha !!!  One more thing ! Our ritual before eating is............ TAKING PICTURE OF THE FOOD!!! HAHAHA. Both of us just automatically took out our own camera and start to snap !!!! ^0^

*look at Kaila busy with her camera :p *


 Oh Yeah ! This is the only thing that we can't get over with it, finding cute stuff !!! Guess what, WE FOUND SO MANY OF THEM in TOKYO SKY TREE !! FYI, Japan really is famous for making special edition stuff. Any characters from Pikachu until NHK character Domo kun is available in Tokyo Sky Tree excluxive version. Even clothing store has a massive discount offer becaue the sky tree is newly open. There were some shops which made us scream a lot because they had super cute display unlike their other branches store. Here are some of the snaps of our kawaii item we found !!!!

 HOW ??? Hehehehe. Don't forget to find your cute stuff when visiting The Tokyo Sky Tree shopping district ^0^


 One of the オススメcold sweets that you really really have to try is the milk ice cream in east side of the tower building ! There are premium milk, coffee, mix and strawberry milk ice cream you can choose ^0^ The price is around 360-380YEN. The most interesting about the ice cream is the CONE. IT'S AVAILABLE IN BLACK !!!!! Can you guess what it is made of ? ^0^ The answer is BLACK SESAME SEEDS ^0^ Maybe you will get a bit scared with the color, but it is delicious !! Especially the combination with the fresh milky ice cream..... Hmmmmm... perfect for a hot weather like today ^0^

KAILA's FACE, hihihihihi ^^

  Thank you for today Kaila ^0^


  1. Love your color-blocking pastel shirt! (:

    1. will post some pictures with that outfit tomorrow :)
      wait annd keep following my post :)
      thanks for reading and leaving comment ^0^