Friday, November 9, 2012


THE WAITING IS OVER EVRYONE!! Starting from today DoitsuPanda will give you massive updates about my early November events!!!! I had Bunka Sai, my school festival and my SUPER DATE with Kaila from Rainbowholic. Okay ! I will tell you guys one by one !!! READY ??!!

 From 2nd of November until the 4th, I was so busy coming to Shinjuku every day to enjoy a once in a year event, Bunka Sai. Every year my school will hold a massive fashion show, bazaar, food stall and a consultation session for anyone who wish to pursue a study at Bunka. IT IS BIG, isn’t it ! Since I will be coming to Bunka Sai for the next 3 years, I will write about it little by little.

 Today, you will have the privilege to see the clothes collection that my 先輩(senpai- senior in University) made ! This year, they chose EPOCH as the Fashion Show theme. This annual show has been held for 32 YEARS! OMG!! IT’S EVEN OLDER THAN ME!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. FYI, EPOCH means Unforgettable moments. There were 8 small themes and 74 clothes complete with self-made accessories and shoes!! Can you imagine how long did it take to make all of them ??!! I really can't believe in few years time I will be experiencing it ! The walking model and hair make-up were all being done by us, THE STUDENTS ! Our 先輩(senpai) had been announcing about this event from few months before and there was an audition to be the model and the assistants for hair and make-up ! COOL RIGHT ??!!  

 I went to the show twice because it was so worth to watch. Furthermore I wanted to practice taking pictures with my BIG camera and let me tell you, it’s better to stand up while taking pictures in a fashion show! I was trying to be comfortable while attending the show for the second time, but then I realized I couldn’t get varieties of angle. I know my pictures are still super amateur, but PLEASE ENJOY THE UNFORGETTABLE COLLECTION Of 2012, BUNKA GAKUEN UNIVERSITY ORIGINAL!!!!


1.     れこると(Rekoruto)

This collection represents the forest in the fall season with so many colorful fruits, vegetables and lovely animals. You can see squirrel hanging around the run way and even rabbits with their carrots. WHAT A KAWAII SHOW OPENING!! ^0^

2.     GUILTY

Gorgeous, Elegant, Bold and Charming Lady! What a very daring statement ^0^ All of those characters were being represented in very well made dresses in soft colors.

3.     MIS

Have you ever ears, hands, nose walking around the runway? You will surely see them from this collection. The designers adapted the wonders of human body and made a very unique coordination on a black canvas dress. THE BEST PART IS, THE CLOTHES WERE GLOWING IN THE DARK !! MY FAVORITE COLLECTION ^0^

4.     Alyssum

It seems like a decay situation, but flowers still bloom on the dresses. There is an eternity inside them.

5.     RUMMY

BEWARE OF THE PINK OUTER SPACE CREATURES ATTACK !!!!! However Don’t Be Scared ! because they are very nice and bubbly ^0^


6.     NADA

After a very cheerful creature, it’s time for a fearful experience. The cold soldiers were walking toward us >w<


7.     うつろいろ(Utsuroiro)

Japan consists of 4 seasons and time by time they are fading. The beauty of traditional Japanese clothes was all in very soft and calm colors.


8.     EPOCH

The FINALE, feel the mysterious unforgettable moments through the avant garde dresses walking on the runway.

Thank you so much for viewing my senior's Fashion Show Collections. Eventhough I wasn't the one who made it, I am so proud to be part of Bunka Gakuen University. Please leave comments about the collection because It will means alot for my seniors and I ^0^

See you guys next year for another Bunka Sai Fashion Show Special report ^0^


  1. Unbelievable moment... Nice shoot Panda!

    1. thank you so much ^0^ I will try my best to be better and better again ^0^ Stay tune for more updates ^0^

  2. It's so cool ^^
    They're like fantasy creatures
    Awesome..waiting for more ^^
    I'm really curious about your very own collection, Panda ^^9

    1. Dear AstiShiteru,
      Thanks alot for the comment ^0^
      I will surely write more about fashion shows here in Tokyo in the future ^^
      I am still a 1st year fashion student, so I still make simple stuff, but will upload about it next time ^0^
      Your comment really cheers me up, thank you and stay tune for updates 0^^0