Thursday, February 7, 2013


I must say time flies really fast and it is already the second month of 2013 !! WOWWW !!!!! 
I really need to catch up with you guys because I actually have so many postponed articles and have no time to type !!!! Anyway, I will try my best to keep this blog much livelier than last year !! ^0^
頑張ります!!- (meaning : Ganbarimasu !! - I will try my best !!)  
As a starter for February blog updates, I really want to share useful advice that I got from attending a special guest lecture in my school,Bunka Gakuen University. It was held at the end of January 2013 and the speaker for the day was one of Japan Top Designers whose works had been recognized internationally. FYI, Bunka has been inviting many designers either regional and international to come and give guidance to Bunka Students. Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, you name it ! That's why I do feel lucky to have the chance to study here !!! ^0^  ^0^
Okay, now, let me introduce you to YOSHIYUKI KONISHI, or usually well-known as
DON KONISHI. Don't freak out with the "Don" part of his name because he is not a mafia boss, hahahaha ! I googled already and the word "Don" actually has 2 meanings and the other one means "Top Man". I couldn't agree more to this nickname because He has been in the fashion industry for almost 41 years and still very productive until today. In 1997 he showed for the first time in New York. Raised in an old feudal castle town ,called Tsu with his parents owning a kimono shop, he is considered as a rebel fashion designer.

I was honestly super tired when I had to attend the lecture, but my eyes suddenly popped out and all of my tiredness went away once I saw Don Konishi walked towatds the lecture stage. In my mind he is an old designer who would make me sleepy while he was talking. However, He is SUPER STYLISH !! From the picture that I secretly took from the lecture ( SUPER BAD PANDA >w<) you can also witness how a man in his 60s still can look gorgeous !!!!  I immediately sit super straight, opened my note book, put my green pen on my palm, READY TO LISTEN !!!
 Being BIG in fashion industy takes a long and tough journey and here are the pointers that I could absorb from this super talented man !!!!!!!

 This statement means that we have to really KNOW OURSELF ^0^ Dig deep what are your real ineterest and what you thik is not suitable to you. I personally agree, because if we force some new trends and it didn't match our personality, It can be a super huge mess !! And you will never be confident in your own skin ! These days, this is a big issue because people got too carried away by what happens and loose their IDENTITY.  Don't let fear cover your true self in the way you live your life. If you like something, don't resist !! As long as it is a good thing, right ^0^
 FYI, Don Konishi told us that when he is reading a fashion magazine, he doesn't read the "LATEST TREND" articles. It doesn't mean that he doesn't care about the hot stuff of the season, but He will just read it and won't get stuck or try to copy what is in the magazine. He knows his style, he knows what he wants so he will stick to what he believes! I wish I can have my own signature style one day !!

 Okay, nowadays, people tend to think this "observe" word is the same as "copying". It really has different meaning, guys !! When we see somebody else who looks well put and sophisticated, we will surely pay attetion to that person, right ? But it has to stop after we take some good notes about their style, for example. If we copy what that person is wearing from head to toe, I consider it as not a good thing. Observe means we seek for things that are good and can be applied to our style too. That's important  !!
 Don Konishi believes that there are so many resources that can give us inspiration. Anything in this world can ! Even when we are staring a blank white wall, ideas can suddenly pop out from my mind !!

Before the end of the lecture, I got an opportunity to ask Don Konishi himself one question. I believe that artists like fashion designers or painters often work according to their mood. I want to know how we can keep our mood stable and be productive in any condition. His answer was super short.

(how to read : Kandou) 
If you look into a dictionary, kandou means "being deeply moved emotionally".
 I translated his answer as we should do everything with heart.
That way, we won't loose our motivation doing what we love because we are passionate about it.

After attending the lecture,I feel like I just received fresh air. I often got lost in translation because fashion is something that will always grow. Yes I made some wrong turns and end up with a super bad outfit, but I want to believe in myself more because I know I have something special in me. I used to wonder when can I show the world who am I as a girl who is so passionate about fashion Now, I think . I just have to do it ! Fashion is something that I love and I won't let my spirit down. For any of my readers who feel the same way, Lets's show the world who we are because we are made in a very unique way. We have our own style in fashion. Let's Do it OUR WAY ^0^


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