Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 February is the month of love, lalalalalala, everyone knows that, cause Valentine Day is just few days away ^0^ How are your preparation, guys ? Special chocolates for loved ones, dinner reservation maybe ? Well, before the big day, ladies, I really think you should PAMPER YOURSELF !!!
  Imagine when you are about to give chocholate to your special person and your fingers are in a bad shape, A BIG NO NO, right ??!!! What I meant by pampering yourself doesn't have to be a super expensive manicure and bejeweled nails. You can start it with clean hands, add moisturizer and clean cut nails.If you have extra budget for your nail care,why not choosing a special theme for a nail art ^0^
  I know I have promised that every month I will make a post about my nails and now this is me keeping it !!! This February, I am adding a HEART SHAPE ACCENT on my nails. I was going to choose pink shades, but I had the fashion show at my university and my outfit was a bit of red and orange, so I decided to use less feminine color ^0^   (read more here : FIRST YEAR FASHION SHOW PHOTO DIARY : I AM A PROUD 1C !!!! )


4 nails of my fingers have the basic white heart with a gold lining.
I usually have my nails shaped round,but to show the heart shape better the nail stylist suggested me to get sharper edges and I agreed !

Two of my fingers have the full glitter red heart. Can you see them ?

 A touch of Swarovski can be seen too.
Somehow I feel my nails look like a snowy Christmas color, hahahahaha !
One day, I will find hal of my heart ^0^
Two hearts on my thumbs <3
For some of my readers who are currently living in Japan, there are so many places that you can go to have your nails done. Perhaps you all know that gel nail art can be very pricy,but I thinks it is worthed cause it can last for a month !!
I would like to remind you guys, some of Japanese nail salons separate the price for the nail care and gel nail treatment. For a classic nail care, it costs around 4000 Yen and the price for gel nail varies from 3000 Yen. So, make sure that if you want the gel nail only, get your nail cuticles removed first ! That way, you will have a much cleaner finish. I know decorating your nails are very exciting, but make sure to take care of them too !!! ^0^ 
 To close this NAIL ART BLOG UPDATE, I present you a CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES RECIPE for your Valentine !!!!! ^0^ Anyone who hasn't decided what to make, this recipe is super simple and you can try it !!
100gr of chocholate (your choice, but mine is bitter)

 3 table spoon of Fresh cream
 1 table spoon of Rum
a little piece of butter (optional)
and chocholate powder !!!
These ingredients are not that hard to find, go to your nearest supermarket !!
Upssss, sorry I forgot to take the picture of chocolate powder >w<
Second, HOW TO MAKE :
1. Melt the chocholate and fresh cream, stir well.
2. After they are melt and mix perfectly, turn off the stove.
3. Put your melted chocholate awaya from the sove and start adding butter (if you want) then Rum,
 mix well again.
4. Since truffles are usually squares, pour the mixtures into some kind of lunch box or square tupperware.
5. Put it inside the fridge until it becomes hard.
6. Once it is harden, cut it into small pieces and add the Chocolate powder for garnish.

Hope you enjoy this post and Doitsu Panda wishes you guys a sweet Valentine's Day <3 <3


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