Friday, May 31, 2013



I truly apologize for skipping the April part >w< Well, actually I will insert last month’s nail art later in other post, but now let’s take a look at what’s on my nails this month, hehehe. ^0^/


 Just like my title, I am having a Back to Basic moment. After some pastel mood in the beginning of the year, I really want to make a classic look. I’m starting my part time job too, so I try to avoid making my nails too striking. Don’t want to be the flashy new girl at work >w<
 That’s why I ask the nail stylist to put nude color as the base of the design. As much as I want to tone down the color, I still need some accents on the nail design. Glitter lining is one of the choices. It doesn’t hurt the eyes and my nails sparkle beautifully ^0^ See the silver linings??
 I’m also a big fan of pattern. !! Most of the clothes in my closet are colorful and full of motifs. Plain is just not my thing, I guess :P

The easiest pattern which is always safe and timeless is the flower. You can choose the Aloha style hibiscus until the feminine cherry blossom for your little nails. I happened to look a very simple art deco look flower pattern in the salon. Quickly fell in love with it and what could be better than a black geometrical flower??? !!! Yes, the design is finally decided!!
I feel very elegant and mature in this nail coordination ^0^

What do you think, guys??!! Should I go back to my colorful nails for June??!! Feel free to drop some comments below. Any post ideas or advice is accepted !!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I know, the beginning of my title for this post is a bit cheesy, but I REALLY AM EXCITED FOR THIS PART TIME JOB^0^ It was really unexpected, because I didn’t hope to be accepted >w<  Why? Because my 3 best friends were also chasing for the same job!! サイヤク!!!(saiyaku, meaning : disaster >w<) I was very negative thinking back then, felling lose already because my Japanese skill still needs many improvements. How can you defeat people who speak the same language their whole lives, while I only started using it 2 years ago?? ToT
Well, I tried so hard to get rid of that bad thought and started to prepare for the interview. There are 2 things that you really need to prepare well.
In Japan, International students are allowed to do part time job as long as they have a permit. It is called shikakugai katsudo kyoka (資格外活動許可). Since International students only carry a studying visa, you really should get it, because if you don’t you will be working illegally >w< It took me around a month to get it, so if you have free time and planning to apply for part time job, it is better to get it first before you start your job hunting ^0^
Next, when you are going to an interview, you will surely be asked to bring rirekisyo(履歴書) It is the same with a Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English. I never wrote any CV before in my life and turns out Japan has a specific paper for it. It can be easily found in convenience stores, supermarkets or book stores. You basically just need to write your basic information and your interests, also the reason why you want the job. There are many varieties of rirekisyo where you can promote about yourself more in a certain box available. However, it is usually the same. I found the most difficult part was remembering the month and year I started and graduated from previous schools >w<

The big day came and I got a 3 o’clock meeting with the shop manager. My hands were super cold as always and I just crossed my fingers, wishing myself luck! FYI, I didn’t actually tell my parents about applying for a job until I really got accepted, hehehe. It has been my style from some times :P I was a bit shocked when the interview only took about 10 minutes !! The funny part was the shop manager asked me if I have any questions!! Shouldn’t it be the other way ??!! Anyway, I got a call 2 hours later and I GOT ACCEPTED !!!!!! KYAAAAA… ^0^
I’m guessing you have been asking what job I’m doing now right ?? DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!  I’M A FASHION RECYCLE SHOP STAFF, hehehehe. The shop’s name is actually very cute, ひまわり(Himawari, meaning : sunflower ) I used to be called Himawari-chan by an old grandma who sells meat near my old dormitory. It feels like faith ^0^

PANDA ON DUTY !!!! hehehehe

My shift is 5 hours each and all the staff decides the working time together, adjusting with each other’s schedule. There are 4 other senior staffs in the shop and they are all very nice. I feel very comfortable being taught by all of them, with all of their different characters. Oh yes! One of my 3 best friends joins me as a staff too!  最高!!^0^// (saikou, meaning : perfect! )
FYI, I used to go to this shop very often to recycle some of my old clothes. I never thought that one day I will be on the other side of the counter, assisting customers now!!! ! There was this moment when I met one of my seniors and he said remembered my face because I usually brought some clothes to the shop >w< UAAAAA, 恥ずかしい (hazukashii, meaning : embarrassed  >w< ) Like I said before, I am one of the people who work in the shop and I am carrying big responsibilities now! SERIOUSLY, HUGE!!!!  

Being one the staffs, I have to be able to do EVERYTHING! From cleaning the floor, turning on the lamps, changing the mannequin, put a price tag, and even assist the customers AT THE SAME TIME!!! OH MY GOD, I really need to be fast yet careful. Usually, there will be one staff every shift and on special occasion I can have a partner. However, it only happened once a week!! KYAAAAA… There’s even this ‘mike’ job. Every 30 minutes, the staff has to greet and announce event of the day to the customers. I seriously hate my own voice, but this is one of the important tasks >w< There’s also this love-hate task, which is being a CASHIER!! It’s been my dream since I was a little girl. I collect almost every type of cash register toys and I often made my own shop or restaurant, hahahaha. However, the truth can sometimes be ugly! Being a cashier in real life needs extra concentration!! I mustn’t press the wrong button and if I do, I have to start over again plus write a ‘short confession’ so the shop manager knows who made the mistake. Huhuhuhu ToT. Making sure that the money inside the register can also be tiring too!  

Say Hello to my new friends, the equipments to attach pric tags on the clothes !!
You can imagine everytime I look at the cash register there are these sparkles of happiness,
hahahahaha !!!! 
1,2,3 SAY CHEESE !!!!  POSING in front of the shop's cash register \\ >w<//

By the way, 21st of May was exactly one month  since my first day of work.

I can’t believe that time flies so fast and I really want to do my best with this part time job. I snapped some pictures from the store, hope it can give you a little sneak peak to my working place, hehehe ^0^  Sorry I can't upload too many pictures,


TARAAAAAAAAAAAAA... So many clothes are availabe here !!
We separated men, ladies and kids section, plus, making special coordination section for the stuf that are being recommended by shop staff.
I even got the chance to change some of the clothes which are being hanged on the wall. It's going to be summer soon so there are many cute T-shirts and summer dresses for display.
If you have time, come check out the store ! I'm hoping you will find interesting items in great price!! I know, it's not the latest item from the magazine, but let's be creative and make the old ones into something fresh for the present !!
My senior put together this look for the shop's display. Vintage yet fashionable, right ?!

I chose these 2 items for the display !!! Yeiiyyy!!!