Sunday, October 20, 2013


I can’t believe it’s only 2 months left until another new year will come.
Yet, I barely posted anything in these past few months. OMG >,< So sorry, guys.
I think I told you about my part time job right?
It really consumed most of my time and I usually got super exhausted after a long day of school and work. Aaaah, I feel like I have so many excuses ToT
Okay, it’s time to redeem myself !!
Welcoming October, I said my good bye to my summer nails. It’s time for an Autumn nail coordination! Yes, I know I skipped writing about my summer holiday plus nail coordination, but I wanna fast forward to this moment, right now !!!!
At first I wanted to use dark color like purple for my first Autumn look. However, when I got into the nail saloon, I couldn’t help to keep staring at these red nails on the sample board. Turned out, the theme of the nails was Minnie Mouse !! I immediately asked the stylist to brush my nails with the heart red color which Minnie has on her skirt. A litte bit of sparkles, some Mickey heads to balance the look and TADAAAAAA…


 Perhaps these red nails are the cutest design I’ve ever put on my nails and I’m LOVIN’ THEM A LOT!!!!!!

Before ending this post I just wanna share to you guys HOW MUCH I LOVE SHORT FRESH MANICURED NAILS, hahahaha. Most people love long flamboyant nails, but not me. I can’t stand having my nails too long because I can’t move my fingers freely. When doing my part time job, I must fold tons of clothing and I can’t have nails that are too sharp. Moreover, I have to admit that my nails are in their best shape when they are all short and round shaped, hehehe.

Well,this is it for now ! Until my next post, guys. ^0^

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