why do I use the ドイツパンダ nickname ? surely you guys will have a hard time to find because it doesn't have any relation at all but luckily there is a history for it, hahaha.
 fiirst of all, this nickname was made by my beloved brother :) he is super good in making something funny. He has a super skill in English and soon other languages too !
anyway, back then I was usually called Panda because I have these 2 dark circles under my eyes (can't erase them >.<) well I guess I am just proud of them now because it makes a かわいい(kawaii-cute) nickname :p
 the most confusing part is of course the "doitsu" word. when I first studied Japanese, one of the easiest lesson was to remember country names. England - イギリス(igirisu) Brazil - ブラジル(burajiru) my beloved country Indonesia - インドネシア(indoneshia) and many more. they are easy to say and not far different. however, the one country that me and my brother find it strange and super unrelated is Germany- ドイツ(doitsu) we used to make fun of it. when we were having trip in Singapore on 2011, my brother just suddenly mix it together with "Panda" word while we were joking. It makes a super great nickname ! DOITSUPANDA !

* 2011/02/05 --> I just realized that Doitsu actually related to Germany. I was having skype with my dad and he asked me why did I choose my nickname. I told him the history and he actually said a shocking fact for me ! Germany is not the real country name,  Deutschland is !! It makes a perfect sense !! Deutschland --- Doitsu !! Yeiiy,  the missing piece is complete, hahaha.

                                 *as you can see this is the inventor face of DOITSU PANDA name,
my special brother, THORY ;) when we were little we often fought and usually I won, hahaha, cause I got bigger body. even so, I love my brother so much :x * (the girl next to him is of course, DOITSU PANDA !! hahahaha)


    love it beib ♥
    ada unsur jermannya (:
    bahasa jerman *in progress

  2. thank you once again beibb :*
    wah as ya kmu lgi in progress bahasa german nya :D

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